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23 April 2012 @ 04:37 pm
tables are turned (23/?)  
Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: HanChul, KangTeuk, YeWon, KiHae, HoRella, KiMin, JongKey..,(no KyuMin for this chap)
Other Characters: TaeYeon, SooYoung, Jessica (SNSD), JongHyun, Key(Shinee)
Summary: A teenager's feelings aren't stable. In love there are lots of circumstances. Life itself don't focus in love. There are a lot of variables to be considered. To reach your happy ending you must fight against rivals, friends even family, fate, the past and most of all yourself. If you are not sure even with your own feelings how would you make things work?

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23: "Let's just break up"